About us

Group Profile

ET Group International (ETG) is a group company integrating international consulting, education and vocational training, capacity building, human resources management, overseas training and technology R & D. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Sydney, Beijing, Nanjing and Shenzhen.

Over the years, ETG has put increasing emphasis on consulting empowerment, investment and experts attraction, and community drainage. It has built its core competence and has been awarded “Expert Introduction Base” and “City Project Partner” by more than 20 provinces and municipalities. Our overseas platform, expert platform and industry platform have developed into a large-scale expert + enterprise database, which includes 200000 doctors at home and abroad, tens of thousands of high-tech enterprises and innovation projects in various industries. Thus, we are capable of providing comprehensive solutions to urban industrial development in the fields of human resources management, technology empowerment, industrial operation and overseas cooperation.

Our Team

ETG brings together outstanding experts in different fields at home and abroad, and has established a complete database of technical experts, covering almost all domains and providing sufficient experts for international consulting projects.

Our team members are carefully selected according to the needs of each project to ensure maximum technical advantages and efficient project management. We fully understand that the sustainability of a project not only depends on the technical feasibility of adjusting measures to local conditions, but also the full consideration of the implementation of safety measures and the energetic participation of stakeholders. We look forward to working together with whomever as customers, government representatives in different fields and jurisdictions, stakeholders in the public and private sectors, domestic and foreign institutions, or industry experts in the internal team to achieve common goals.

Evaluation and Supervision Policy

ETG has an independent quality control department with a very effective and reliable evaluation and supervision system for all projects. ETG aims at providing the most top-notch consulting services for our clients. The quality of our consulting services is the premise of the marketing competence. ETG has a complete and sound system of quality control and quality guarantee. There are staff appointed to supervise and assess the consulting services for projects during the process of construction and after completion. The contents of the evaluation include, but not limit to achievements of project outcomes, the quality of consultants' reports and outputs, and the quality of training and visits, etc. For achieving long-term development goals of the project, ETG provides the best consulting services for the PEAs, PMOs and PIAs to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

Group Reputation and Customers’ Recognition

Since its establishment, ETG has successfully completed more than 1000 projects. In the past 20 years, we have delivered training and organized institution strengthening and capacity building activities for Chinese government and enterprises covering areas of education, finance, agriculture, water resource, environment, commerce and leadership with over 20,000 participants, whose feedback showed that the expected outcomes have been achieved, and whose management and professional capacity have been enhanced. The participants become better at discovering and analyzing problems in their work with broader vision and diverse thinking pattern, pursue higher quality of working outcomes, strengthen sense of responsibility and become more dedicated. The kind of thinking mode and awareness will continuously influence their future work.

In recent years, our strength in international consulting has also been steadily improved. We have successfully won the bid for many consulting projects of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Chinese government, including the largest consulting project implemented by the Asian Development Bank in China, Qinghai Water Resources Management Project and Baise Vocational Education Project, Qinghai Haidong Urban-Rural Eco Development Project, etc. By virtue of rich domestic experience, science and technology and advanced management, ETG is developing into a platform for international consultation, training and investment. The reason why customers choose us is that we try our best to satisfy you and firmly stand with you to meet the challenge ahead. Moreover, we can also provide you with advanced development ideas, suggestions and implementation measures to help achieve your goals.