Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Strong industries attract more experts and experts gathering leads to more prosperous cities. ETG focuses on the integration between industry and human resources. By means of accelerating the cultivation of innovative entrepreneurs, pooling high-level experts and fostering new advantages of personnel agglomeration, we help different regions create a lively situation of “experts lead to stronger industry and industry is expert-focused”, accelerating the shaping of industry-personnel integration into a distinctive feature of regional high-quality development and a highly competitive development highland.

Main Services​

Industrial Expert Consultation

Enterprise Inspection
Research on Industrial Experts
Reporting on Industrial Experts

High-Level Experts Recruitment

Recruitment of Management Personnel
Recruitment of Technical Experts
Personnel Leasing and Dispatching

Cultivation of High-Level Personnel

Directed Personnel Training
Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and Innovative Entrepreneurs Training
Entrepreneur Club Activities

High-Level Personnel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Tour with 100 PhD Scholars
Tour with 100 Academicians
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Cooperation with Overseas Technical Experts

Cooperation with Overseas Technical Experts
Overseas Technical Expert Consultation

Personnel Development Forum

Seminar with Famous Industrial Experts
Personnel Development Forum
Reporting on Industrial Experts

Service Process

Field Research

  • Current Situation and Needs Assessment
  • International Best Practice and Technology Research
  • Analysis of Policy and Scheme
  • Comments from Stakeholders


  • Collection and Analysis of Industry Data and Information
  • Project Design, Optimization and Due Diligence
  • Security Assessment

Advance Publicity

  • Plan and Scheme
  • Theme Determination
  • Visual Design
  • Advance Publicity
  • Media Contact

Project Implementation

  • Project Execution
  • Schedule Management


  • Project Output Feedback
  • Project Data Statistics
  • Tracking Service

Our Strength

Bringing Together Global Experts

With more than 50 countries, 20000 overseas cooperative institutions and 200000 PhD Scholars  at home and abroad

Building Personnel Model

In the practice of serving global top 500 enterprises and participating in the selection of senior management personnel for Chinese enterprises, we have accumulated extensive data and experience, and built several independent structural models in personnel evaluation and development.

Insight into Personnel Trend

Tracking the new trends of industries and human resources, and accurately controlling the direction of the personnel market


Enhancing Personnel Ability

With nearly 30 years of personnel training experience, ETG is capable of providing all-round empowering services for human resources management.


Emphasizing Personnel Development

Adhering to the concept of retaining personnel via career development, ETG attaches importance to personnel career planning, and the integration of introduction, training and retention.

Accurate Delivery

Boasting 20000 experienced headhunters combined with big data technology, ETG accurately solves problems in search, identification, matching and job hopping, and completes project delivery with quality and quantity guaranteed.

Successful Cases

Recruitment of special consultants for the government of first-tier cities

Introduction of overseas PhD scholars for the Organization Department of Jiangsu Province

Introduction of strategic scientists in the free trade zone

Introduction of top experts for large manufacturing enterprises

Introduction of Nobel Prize winners for central enterprises

Introduction of doctoral personnel for transformation and upgrading of vocational colleges

2000 +

Government Agencies

1000 +

Universities and Colleges

15000 +

Leading Enterprises

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