Capacity Building

Capacity Building

We provide professional consulting services for sustainable development projects funded by international organizations including the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, and assist owners in policy research and strategic planning, technical evaluation and due diligence, project management and implementation, capacity building and training.

Scope of Service

Project Feasibility Analysis 

  • Current situation and needs assessment
  • International best practice and technology research
  • Analysis of policy and scheme
  • Cost-benefit analysis and alternative evaluation
  • Suggestions on technical training and capacity building
  • Comments from stakeholders

​Project Preparation and Due Diligence

  • Collection and analysis of industry data and information
  • Project design, optimization and technical due diligence
  • Security assessment and mitigation plan
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Institutional finance and procurement risk assessment
  • Procurement plan and strategic procurement plan
  • Integrity due diligence
  • Institutional training and capacity building

​Project Implementation and Management Consulting

  • Project scope, budget and schedule management
  • Security monitoring
  • Engineering management
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Our strength

Our Strength

Efficient Management and Implementation Team

We have five ways to ensure efficient cooperation, namely, trust building, clear responsibilities, management process, common commitment and efficient communication. Our management mode will enable experts to cooperate sincerely and combine into one to overcome tough difficulties.



High Quality Assurance System

The high quality assurance system will provide reference and assistance to the PEAs and PIAs in the development of project management process and project management systems.




Long-effect Risk Management Mechanism

ET Group International has over 30 years of experience and always maintains a leading position in international project risk management. We will promptly establish a long-effect risk management system for the project as soon as the consulting service is initiated. Such system will prevent and respond to risks in a real-time and dynamic manner.

International Advanced Management Methods

During the period of providing consulting services, our group introduces the adaptive management method into the consulting project management. One of the main advantages of this method is that it optimizes and improves the management outputs without affecting the project process and aspects.

Top Experts

ET Group International brings together outstanding experts in different fields at home and abroad, and has established a complete database of technical experts, covering almost all domains and providing sufficient experts for international consulting projects. 

Successful Cases

Capacity Building of Qinghai Government

Capacity Building of South-to-North Water Diversion Source Eco Protection Project

Audit Training Project funded by National Audit Office

Tianjin Sponge City Construction and Water Treatment Project

Resettlement in the Three Gorges Project

World Bank Loan Project of Renewable Energy Utilization and Development of National Development and Reform Commission

Capacity Building of Haidong Government

Capacity Building of Baise University

Government Capacity Building Project for Coordinated Development of Marine Economy and Marine Ecological Environment in Shanghai Municipality

Agricultural Industrialization and Rural Reconstruction Government Capacity Building Project in Henan Province